May the strongest creature win! Creatures: The Card Game - a fun family card game CREATURES is a creative, strategic card game that blends friendly competition with a good laugh! Gameplay occurs as players mix and match 'FRONT', 'MIDDLE', and 'BACK' cards in their hand to create entirely new creatures, and stage attacks against the creatures in other players' hands. The illustrated portions of each card align to create an image of the new creature with a zany new fun fact. A creature which conquers all other players in a single turn becomes a 'Champion'. Can you be the first to achieve 5 'Champions'? May the strongest creature win! Buy It Now!
Creatures Games News
8 Mar 12 - Help put us on Wal-Mart's shelves by voting for Creatures - The Card Game on Wal-Mart's Get on the Shelf contest!

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